The Future of Clean

How Will the Industry Evolve in 2019 and Beyond?

Future of CleanTechnology is quickly changing the way we live and work, and that innovation is making huge strides in the cleaning industry. The tools, products, and procedures used in commercial cleaning are becoming safer and more effective, and we look forward to even more growth in 2019. Here are a couple industry trends you can expect to see this year and beyond:

Smart Products

What if your trash can could tell you when it needs to be emptied? Or a notification went to your cleaning crew when paper towels run out? Now, with a new technology called Internet of Things (or ‘IoT’) communication between everyday items and the people who manage them is possible. Internet of Things is a network that connects otherwise normal devices like trash cans and towel holders to software programs that allow them to interact and exchange information.

With the increased connectivity of our day-to-day items, tech-friendly products are growing in popularity. Businesses that utilize their real-time information and notifications will see an increase in the consistency of a building’s cleanliness, a decrease in downtime due to breaks or maintenance, and more efficient cleaning teams.

Digital Communication with Vendors

Cells phones and messaging platforms have improved our ability to connect with family, friends, and the people we do business with. In 2019, communication with vendors is at an all-time high – especially with previously unseen vendors like a nighttime cleaning crew. Businesses can make requests, receive updates, pay bills, and engage with commercial cleaners in a totally virtual way, ultimately improving the experience and efficiency of the relationship.

Green Cleaning and Sustainability

The market for environmentally-friendly products is booming, and the competition continues to bring in new businesses and more affordable options. In 2019, we will continue to see businesses shift to greener cleaning practices, and as a result, healthier, happier employees and a smaller environmental footprint.

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