Is Your Office Getting an Upgrade? Move Smarter with this Pre-Moving Checklist

switching-desksCongratulations – you’re upgrading! Moving your office to a new location creates countless new possibilities.

A new space is likely to invigorate employees and clients alike. However, moving can also be equally stressful as it is exciting. Without proper planning, the move could even be disastrous. Use our pre-moving checklist to minimize chaos and ensure moving success:

√ Throw things away.

This should be one of the first steps when a move is announced. How many pieces of outdated HR swag, abandoned umbrellas, and snack wrappers are lurking around your office? Taking the time to clear the office of clutter means less work when it’s time to move.

File papers electronically.

Using paper for important documents is bad both for the environment and your upcoming move. Save space by scanning as many documents as possible so that the hard copies can be shredded.

Ask each employee to pack up their own desk.

Rather than one harried manager frantically packing up desks the day of the move, each employee should be responsible for their own space. Provide each employee their own moving boxes, and be sure to clearly label each one!

Bring in the professionals for cleaning and moving.

This isn’t a task you want to take on alone, so look for professional help in cleaning your space and bringing your office to its new home. Be sure to book both several weeks in advance of the move to ensure availability (and ease stress).

Deep clean the new space.

Once you’re the proud owner of the new office, dive into a deep clean. There’s no joy in cleaning an old office just to arrive to a disheveled new one! A professional-grade commercial cleaner like Buildingstars will ensure the new space is ready for its soon-to-be occupants.

Moving can be stressful, whether you have 500 employees or five. However, planning ahead will no doubt ensure an efficient and exciting experience. Good luck, and happy moving!



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