How do you roll? How you put the toilet paper on the roll matters

Consistency and Attention to Detail is How We Roll at Buildingstars

Over or under. It Is a debate that has remarkably had legs for years. The argument for over versus under has inspired a surprising number of memes, flame wars and even a Maxim article or two. Well, us at BuildingStars feel like we should weigh in on what is the proper way to roll with toilet paper.

The Over argument:

The over crowd make up 70 percent of the population, so just by popularity, you could make the argument that you are in the right. However, there are some other great arguments as well which include: the paper physically hangs closer, thus making it more convenient. The top sheet faces outward, showing off any pattern that may be printed and creating an overall more pleasing experience. Manufactures have even gone on record saying that this is the way the paper is designed to hang. So, case closed, right?

The Under argument:

The under crowd seems to rest on the idea of sharing the bathroom with both kids and cats. The main argument being that under makes it impossible for those who find it hilarious to unroll the toilet paper off the roll. However lately some have stated that the roll tears easier if is in the under position.

Where we stand:

BuildingStars does have a definitive stance on the argument, but it may surprise you. Consistency and attention to detail is where we stand on this debate. Although there are benefits to both, what we can offer is that the position will be consistent each and every time we provide service to you. Whether you are an over or an under person, we will provide you with a level of detail that is hard to find in our industry. Making sure that even the smallest idea is done to your satisfaction. So, whatever your preference, you can be sure that it will be your preference; over, under but always consistent.

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