Green is the New Clean

Our Green Star program protects the environment, helps your bottom line, and promotes good will

In an age of social responsibility, there is more focus than ever before on how a company does their work. More often, people are focusing on how a company affects the people around them via ideas like their effects on the environment. In a Neilson article from 2015, it was reported that up ¾ of Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings. This isn’t just the feeling of the younger generation either; over half of Baby Boomers now feel the same way about having a more positive feeling towards socially responsible companies. This appears to confirm the priority that the consumer has and how they see businesses who go green. However, the challenge can be implementing new processes and procedures that both contribute to this movement towards and are cost effective.

This is why we are so happy to have and offer our Green Star program.

It does more than protect the environment, it also creates efficiencies that can reduce your overall cost in your entire facility. Using tools such as LED light bulbs and using sustainable cleaning products and materials.

The Green Star program through environmentally friendly cleaning methods such as recycling, microfiber systems, and specialized chemical dispensing systems not only promotes a healthier work environment for your employees increasing productivity, but also makes it easy for you to become LEED Certified. Being LEED certified can lead to lower operating costs and build positive publicity in public perception.

As we move forward, sustainability and going green seems to be a great way to add benefits to multiple different aspects of a company. By using BuildingStars and taking advantage of our Green Cleaning program, you can create a positive impact on your operating costs, employee health and even public perception.

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