Customer Spotlight: Lillibridge Healthcare

“I have worked with Buildingstars at most of my locations and have been pleased. The teams do a great job cleaning and, more importantly, are quick to respond. They are professional, courteous and committed to providing great service.”

General Manager
Lillibridge Healthcare

Lillibridge is a Chicago-based healthcare real estate firm, operating more than 21 million square feet of outpatient facilities in 32 states and 250+ markets. Lillibridge creates exceptional places of care for healthcare providers and their patients. Their team serves 15 thousand physician tenants daily and supports more than 40 million patient visits each year nationwide. Lillibridge builds strong relationships with their clients, who rely on them to navigate the complex challenges and uncertainty facing healthcare delivery.

Buildingstars has partnered with Lillibridge Healthcare for 10 years to maintain safe, clean and healthy facilities. That’s over 500,000 square feet of Buildingstars clean!

It has been our privilege to help Lillibridge Healthcare ‘shine brighter’ with our  Comprehensive Facility ServicesGreen Cleaning and Healthy Building Services.

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