Buildingstars expert approach to commercial cleaning services.

Every industry – and every building – has unique cleaning needs. Buildingstars teams already know your industry’s requirements and regulations inside and out.


Buildingstars is a leader in healthcare cleaning, with a focus on surgical centers and medical office buildings. Millions of people a year are affected by Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), costing the U.S. healthcare system up to $33.8 billion annually. A large percentage of these cases can be prevented with the proper cleaning procedures and products.

We’re dedicated to the elimination of HAIs, which is why we use advanced infection prevention techniques in our work, follow CDC standards and recommendations, and work with organizations such as AORN to develop the industry’s best processes. Our systematic Environmental Hygiene Program focuses on surface hygiene and disinfecting high-touch zones. Buildingstars cleaning teams are also trained in Environmental Services (EVS), infection control, JCAHO cleaning standards and HIPAA.

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Proper office cleaning isn’t just about appearances – it’s about healthy and happy tenants, employees and customers. Whether you manage a small office, corporate headquarters, government office or multi-tenant building, Buildingstars can help you provide a clean, healthy workplace through our flexible, customized cleaning programs.

Through safety audits, green cleaning tactics, preventative maintenance techniques and the destruction of germ “hot zones,” we can help business leaders improve efficiency, reduce employee absenteeism, reduce costs and protect the investment that they have in their facilities.

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We know what it takes to clean and maintain financial institutions on a nightly basis. Over the past 20 years, Buildingstars has protected the brand image, safety and security of hundreds of banking and financial institutions. We understand the extra security required for trash removal, the need for additional attention to high-traffic areas, and the particular need for comprehensive floor care programs. From single location credit unions to large multi-branch banks, Buildingstars has the experience and expertise to get the job done.

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In addition to having multiple employee shifts, most industrial facilities incorporate multiple environments such as warehouse, manufacturing, and office spaces. Each of these environments has very different cleaning needs, which creates a difficult and unique cleaning challenge. That’s why it’s so important to work with a company like Buildingstars – a company with experience and expertise managing industrial environments. We’ve developed special processes for ensuring that your unique cleaning needs are met efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently.

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Studies show that the cleanliness of academic facilities plays an important role in students’ overall well-being and academic progress. That’s why Buildingstars has developed a comprehensive cleaning program designed specifically for school environments. In addition to reducing overall operational costs, our processes and products improve facility hygiene to reduce illness and absenteeism among students, faculty and staff members.

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