Do First Impressions Count?

How important is it to your customers that your business is clean? According to a recent survey by Ipsos, it’s very important.  Our favorite fact? 92% of consumers factor in cleanliness when deciding whether or not to become a repeat customer. Need more?

Did you know that:

  • 95% of respondents believe that cleanliness can elevate a good business into a great business:
  • 91% of respondents said they were more likely to have an overall negative opinion of a small business if their public spaces (lounges, restroom, or lobby) are not clean;
  • 87% of respondents said that if the restroom at a small business they use isn’t clean, it makes them wonder about the quality of their product or service;
  • 83% said they would leave a business immediately and not return if the business had a bad odor;
  • 74% were more willing to overlook slow service if the business is noticeably clean;
  • 73% would not return to a business if the restrooms had a bad odor.

A clean and sanitized work space signifies a level of professionalism and it tells visitors that you care about your brand and your employees – and of course, your customers. Is a clean office important to you? Let us know.

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