Where’s That Smell Coming From? Tips for a Cleaner Office Kitchen

For most offices, the kitchen and break room are a constant battle to keep clean, fresh, and maintained. Are you worried about what smells might emerge after a long holiday weekend? Are you done wondering what messes you’ll walk into every lunch break?

Here are three ways to keep your office kitchen clean for good:

Keep It Fully Stocked

Your employees can’t keep the kitchen clean if they are not equipped with cleaning supplies! Keep an arsenal of paper towels, cleaning sprays, dish soap, and sponges at the ready to keep spills and dirty dishes at bay. You’ll also want a garbage can and recycling bin that are easy to get to, so no one has a reason to leave their trash behind.

Invest in Quality Appliances

Is your break room counter overflowing with lunchboxes? Do dishes stack up, no matter how hard your team tries to keep up with it? It may be time to invest in some new appliances. A clean, tidy break room should have a refrigerator that is big enough for the whole office (bonus if it includes some freezer space). You may also want to consider installing a high-efficiency dishwasher. Not only are people more likely to take care of their dishes with a washer, but they will also end up much cleaner than handwashing alone.

Bring in the Professionals

Even if your office is full of clean and conscientious employees who always take care of their messes, there are a lot of places for crumbs and smells to hide. A professional cleaning company like Buildingstars will go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your work kitchen clean – with powerful sanitizers and years of detail-oriented experience, we will help your kitchen stay fresh and clean!

Contact us today and experience the Buildingstars difference.

Kevin McKee

Vice President of Information Technology