What Actually Happens During A COVID-19 Deep Clean and Disinfecting?

In 2020, we have seen the nation adapt to the circumstances of a global pandemic. As we get used to the new normal, it’s important to understand how the new health and risk management measures companies are adopting can help everyone stay safer. Specifically, you may have heard about a COVID-19 Deep Clean and Disinfecting service – but what actually happens? 

The Most Efficient Protection: Commercial Janitorial Services

As we head into the new year, the fight against COVID-19 remains critical worldwide. The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have both repeatedly emphasized the importance of having a clean and disinfected environment to help control the spread of COVID-19. Karen Hoffman, former president of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, provided hopeful news for the effectiveness of commercial cleaning:

“This virus is actually very sensitive to all the common cleaning and disinfecting agents out there, so that’s the good news.”

To prioritize the safety and health of employees who could be potentially exposed, many companies are scheduling a COVID-19 Deep Clean and Disinfecting. This commercial janitorial service ensures that multi-touch surfaces and every nook and cranny of an office is cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards. A Deep Clean is one facet of our systematic Environmental Hygiene Program, and it’s important to understand how it works to help keep you and your facility visitors safe and healthy.

Three-Step Process to Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting
Three essential steps to a COVID-19 Deep Clean process: pre-disinfecting, forensic cleaning, and professional disinfection. Commercial janitorial services keep buildings safe, clean, and healthy! What happens when your company schedules a deep clean? Let's Find Out! They include pre-disinfection, forensic cleaning, and professional disinfection! Commercial Janitorial Services are the most efficient COVID-19 protection for your office.

Buildingstars makes sure health and safety are prioritized every day, but we take special care during the three steps of a COVID-19 Deep Clean and Disinfecting:

1. Pre-Disinfect – The pre-disinfection begins with a basic cleaning – targeting visible contamination such as dust, filth, bodily fluids, etc., where the technicians remove as much dirt and grime as possible. This knocks down the infectious agent contamination and increases the effectiveness of our next step.

2. Forensic Cleaning – To kill germs on a surface after cleaning, as advised by the EPA, the technicians carefully wipe down all surfaces with microfiber towels and detergent cleaning solution. We only use cleaning solutions which are pre-approved by the EPA to combat COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.  Wiping allows our technicians to target specific, high-traffic and multi-touch areas to maximize germ killing.

3. Professional Disinfection – Professional disinfection tools complete the Deep Clean and Disinfecting. The use of equipment such as foggers, electrostatic sprayers, sprayers, and misters is highly recommended. Using EPA-listed approved chemicals, we apply chemical disinfectants (we have multiple product lines, including an eco-friendly cleaning line) to a commercial area in the form of a fog, spray, or mist which fills the entire room. This fog allows our technicians to fully deliver sanitation and disinfecting solution to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies otherwise missed. Extra attention is paid to high-traffic areas and multi-touch points around the facility. After the recommended dwell time to eliminate contamination, technicians then wipe down any residue.

Do You Need a COVID-19 Deep Clean and Disinfecting? 

At Buildingstars, we’ve been a professional cleaning partner for our customers since 1994. We’ve built trust and long term relationships with our customers by providing consistent cleaning, constant communication, and value. We’ve understood for 26 years that cleaning is about more than appearance – it’s about health and safety. 

If you would like to conduct preventative measures or have had a recent potential exposure and you have questions, or would like a Buildingstars representative to come speak to you about your cleaning program and how we can support your efforts, contact us today.


We Protect Our Technicians

Our technicians are trained and prepared with the highest standards of safety from ISSA, the WHO, the EPA, and the CDC to provide your facility with a deep clean and disinfecting for upholstery, carpets, multi-touch objects, surfaces, and floors.

We realize that inviting more people into your place of business may cause concern. Buildingstars is committed to following the latest CDC and WHO guidelines at every turn – as our technicians are our most valuable assets, and we believe that stars are made, not born. Every technician is required to follow the recommendations which include, but are not limited to: social distancing, hand washing, mask-wearing, using hand sanitizer, and following all recommended hygiene practices.

For decades, it has been Buildingstars’ commitment to provide you with a clean, safe and healthy work environment through commercial janitorial services. Buildingstars is here to assist during this pandemic of unforeseen proportions, and we would love to help you.

Request a Deep Cleaning today.

Josh Gile