Making Co-Working Spaces Work for You

Co-working spaces can be a great way for a business to access building space, conference rooms, printing, and other amenities without bearing the full brunt of a building purchase. However, for many teams, the adjustment to a shared space can be tough. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your business’ co-working space:

Keep a Routine

Most coworking spaces have a constant flow of people coming and going through all hours of the day. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the most important thing is finding a schedule that works for you and sticking with it. It can be challenging if your team comes and goes at different times every day, but as long as people know when to expect you, the open-door policy of a co-working space can be a great fit. As a bonus, because of the flexible building hours you may be able to further explore during which hours you work the best.

Utilize the Benefits and Features

One of the great advantages of working out of a coworking space is having access to cool resources without taking on the entire price. But whether you use the conference room one time or a hundred times, a cost is still incorporated into your membership fee! Pay close attention to exactly what is offered in your membership, and take full advantage of the printing pages, marketing consulting hours, conference room space, etc.

Be Prepared

One of the toughest adjustments when you’re switching from a permanent workspace to a co-working space, is not having a dedicated spot for your stuff. A missing notebook, laptop charger, business cards, or healthy snack can be all it takes to encourage you to leave your co-working space and disrupt your workday. Avoid the distractions and extra travel time by packing a work bag that contains everything you’ll need to get through an entire day!

If you’re a facilities manager of a co-working space, contact us today and make sure your cleaning needs are being met to the highest standard.

Kevin McKee

Vice President of Information Technology