How to Keep Carpets Clean During the Snowy Season

With snow, ice, and salt galore, winter can be especially tough on office entryways. Implement these three tricks to minimize damage and keep your carpets looking clean and bright through the snowy season:clean carpets during Snowy Season

Start from the Outside

The best way to keep indoor carpets clean is to never let the dirt make it inside! Add an outdoor carpet or mat and make sure there is somewhere to wipe wet boots before guests and employees make their way into the office entryway. Take extra care to plan for snow removal, ice removal/salting, and any other preventative measures that will keep your building entrance free of seasonal messiness.

Consider Temporary Mats

Winter weather is inconsistent at best, which makes planning around snow or ice nearly impossible. During your worst winter months, invest in a durable mat that can cover your permanent flooring or carpet throughout the entire season. The mat should be easy to wipe down and able to sustain heavy traffic with wet boots, and should extend at least a couple feet into the building.

Keep Up with Spot Cleaning

Despite all our efforts, moisture, dirt, and salt are bound to make their way into your office’s carpet after any snow or rain. To prevent permanent damage or discoloration, plan for frequent vacuuming at spot treatments so you can get grime out before it becomes a ground-in stain.

Undo the Seasonal Damage

After your carpets survive the worst of the season, call us for a professional deep carpet cleaning to start the spring off right. Our comprehensive cleans will remove the last of the wintery residue and provide a beautiful, safe entryway for your employees!

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