The importance of working in a clean workplace: 5 Workplace Benefits of Keeping it Clean

We spend most of our day on the job. A typical American works at least 8 hours a day, and by the time meals and sleep are added in as well, there isn’t a lot of room for leisure during a typical work week. So, if we are investing a substantial amount of time in our work life, it is probably a good idea to make it the best experience possible. One of the ways (and frankly one that is often overlooked) is keeping and making sure things are clean. It can have more benefits than you might think. So why invest in the cleanliness of your workspace?

Safety and Health

The most obvious benefit of keeping the office clean is the benefit of healthier employees and a safer environment. By providing daily and weekly cleaning schedules such as sanitizing restrooms and disinfecting surfaces, you can significantly decrease the amount of sick days taken by your employees.

Cleanliness breeds satisfaction

As a space is kept clean, people have more pride in their workplace, and in turn have more pride in their work. Brands such as Hilton have a reputation for being clean and beautiful hotels, encouraging their clientele to elevate themselves while being guests.

Your Image

When you walk into a restaurant, and see a dirty floor, sticky tables and smell something that just can’t be identified, you probably have an opinion on the type of business it is and how they treat their customers. Well, your office is no different. Most businesses have guests, clients, employee families and even investors that come to visit the office and giving off an air of professionalism can get you started on the right track to make a good impression.


You know that feeling you get when you sit down and relax at the end of the day when everything is in its place. Your thoughts become clearer and more streamlined when it doesn’t have to deal with disarray.


As offices continue to grow, it can be important to keep waste to a minimum and get the most value out of everything you can. Keeping plumbing, desks and even flooring sparkling and clean can ensure that you get the most out of your investment. By providing upkeep on your assets, you can extend their value by years and even into decades.

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