How to Keep a Clean and Optimized Work Space

Become a Master of Productivityoffice-cleaning-7-6-18

For many of us, work is where we will spend most of our time during the week. And we will also become very familiar with our workspace, whether that’s a cubicle, computer station, workshop or desk. It’s important to set yourself up to be as productive and healthy as possible. By simply following these steps, you can become master of a clean and productive space.

Step 1. Determine your needs

The first thing to do is to understand what you need in a day. Computer? Pens? Pencils? Take an audit of your day and everything you normally use within a week. This will help you keep your tools of the trade in a convenient and findable set. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Step 2. Remove your clutter by following the 1:7 rule

The biggest issue that most people have with their workspace is clutter. Outdated pictures, old reports and unnecessary trinkets can really get out of hand if you don’t keep an eye on your space. The 7:1 rule is simple, for every 7 items you need, you are allowed 1 item you don’t. This keeps your space optimized while still giving you the flexibility to personal mementos.

Step 3. Be as mobile as possible

No, this doesn’t mean to do everything on a phone or tablet. Being mobile means the ability to move your entire workspace in 5-10 minutes. If you know when a cleaning company comes in, moving your space and making it easy for them to get in that space that is constantly covered by things is a great way to do a deep clean without hardly any extra effort.

This type of upkeep can save you from lost time looking for that lost paper, or finally cleaning that keyboard. This type of can-do attitude along with our Comprehensive Facility Cleaning Services can ensure your workplace stays spotless and productive 24/7.

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