How to counter stress and make yourself happier at the office

Fresh Air: 4 Ways to make your air better and improve concentration  

Air is something we take for granted. I suppose anything you use every minute of every day is bound to evaporate from our daily thoughts. Especially considering how much is going on today. We shouldn’t forget how much our environment has an effect on us. The old expression “going out to get fresh air,” exists for a reason. Fresh air has been proven to boost your immune system, counter stress and even make you happier. You will work and feel better. So to keep your workplace (and workers) fresh, here are several ways you can improve your office air quality:  


Bringing in plants has plenty of benefits (which we will go into eventually) but one of the best characteristics is their ability to filter the air. Plants are the lungs for nature and have even been used by NASA to purify the air in the Space Station. My favorites are Bamboo or Elephant Ears but there are plenty to choose from. For a more thorough list of cleaning air plants, click here. 

Open the Windows 

This may be difficult as not all offices have the luxury of having windows or doors that can remain open, but it is a great way to get a rush of fresh air into the office. The breeze, and the idea of being outside will make everyone feel better about where they work. If you can’t open a window at your office, try taking a short walk at lunch just to get out and take breath. 

Clean Carpets Regularly & Use Doormats 

Normally when we think of air, we usually think eye level and up, but don’t be fooled! Some of the worst air contaminants come from the floors. If you have a carpet in your office, try to keep it vacuumed as much as possible (weekly at least) to counteract elements that get brought in every single day. If you are a carpet free office, still use doormats and make sure people wipe their feet. This will improve your air quality and keep the office smelling better longer! 

No strong smells 

There are a ton of great scents out there. You may love Vanilla, but when there are a lot of strong scents all at the same time, it can become quite the distraction. Try to avoid heavy scented air fresheners, perfumes, cologne, or even cooking strong smelling foods in the microwave. 

Keep in mind that every office is different and it can take some time and effort to get into a rhythm with keeping your air clean. If you would love fresh air, and employees without the hassle, you can contact us about our Healthy Building Services. This can maximize the health of your building and employees. 



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