How Germs Spread Around Your Business: 3 Top Vectors

How germs spread around your business is becoming a top concern for employees and managers alike in 2021. As people return to the workplace and customers return to storefronts worldwide, leaders in every industry are taking a hard look at how they can provide safer, healthier environments. WebMD advises businesses in their article “Beware of Workplace Germs,’

“We touch a lot of different surfaces that hundreds of others might be touching,” says Kelly Reynolds PhD, a professor and environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona. “Germs spread quickly.”

How germs spread around your business: keep contaminants at bay with Buildingstars Commercial Cleaning!

But how exactly do germs spread around your business, and what can you do to reduce that spread?

Buildingstars Commercial Cleaning has gathered insights about the three top vectors germs use to invade your business, and how you can best combat this threat to your business’ health and safety: 

How Do Germs Spread at the Workplace?

Viruses, germs, and bacteria collect on surfaces in the workplace, as well as being spread by airborne transmission. Locations known to harbor these contaminants in your office include carpeting, high-touch areas, and grimy bathrooms.

Experts estimate the annual cost of missed work and lost productivity due to illness at $260 billion dollars! 

Everyone wants healthy employees and a clean workplace, but you may be inviting germs in by missing these key vectors: 

1. Dusty, Dirty Carpets Harbor Bacteria and Germs

How do dirty carpets spread germs in my office? Request a carpet extraction today and live worryfree with Buildingstars Commercial Cleaning!Many modern facilities have carpeted flooring for a lush, luxe finish – but the soft, twisted fibers of carpet are a perfect habitat for thousands of germs. Germs spread through carpeting because every single step on a dirty carpet kicks up a cloud of irritating, germ-laden dust.

Most people realize fabrics are an excellent environment for germs to multiply and spread, because they launder their clothes often to escape these invaders. Don’t invite germs further into your facility by ignoring your carpeting – its fabric is even more porous and habitable than clothing for germs! In addition, many common allergens also find their homes in carpets, such as pollen, fungi, chemicals, tars, and residues. 

Luckily, this is easily fixed with regular carpet care and maintenance from Buildingstars. If you aren’t sure about the last time your carpet was cleaned, reach out today for your no-obligation specialty cleaning estimate – the germs aren’t going to wait!

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2. High-Touch Areas Have Frequent Opportunity to Infect

Did you know: the average office desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat? The average workplace desk has more than ten million bacteria, which is 400 times more than on the average toilet seat! Surfaces such as computer keyboards, telephone handsets, and even office furniture can become unsanitary quickly with regular use – and the amount of bacteria multiplies for every day that the surface is not cleaned with top-grade commercial cleaning supplies.

Surface Contaminants By The Numbers:

  • The average employee touches 300 surfaces every 30 minutes.
  • A University of Arizona study found that one door contaminated with an artificial virus spread to almost 50% of the hands of employees and surfaces in the office within just four hours.
  • Up to 100%: Reduction in bacteria after cleaning a keyboard with antibacterial cleaning solution

With Buildingstars Commercial Cleaning Services, you never have to worry about the upkeep of your facility. We take the stress out of worrying about environmental hazards, and establish scientific-based processes and an intensive cleaning schedule to fill all of your facility’s needs, so you can focus on running your business smoothly. 

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3. How Germs Spread via Bathroom Grime 

Okay, we’ve come to the most obvious vector of contaminants in a facility: the restrooms. Office bathrooms can spread germs easily, and are known to contain a multitude of the nasty creatures. From norovirus to streptococcus, there can be a lot you don’t know about the denizens of these essential washrooms. Making sure to always wash and dry your hands goes a long way for workplace hygiene, but the most effective way to limit germs’ effect is regular cleaning services.

Buildingstars technicians are trained to wipe down all surfaces in bathrooms with the highest-quality professional-grade cleaning chemicals so that this vector of infection is minimized. We also color-code via a scientific process to make sure not to cross-contaminate between areas. For example, we use a different color rag to use the toilet than the bathroom countertop. 

Let Buildingstars Help You Fight Germs to Shine Brighter

Employees are more productive when their work spaces are clean, and a good commercial cleaner can help you achieve this. Through regular cleaning, a commercial cleaning company can remove the sources of grime, germs, bacteria, and other nuisances. 

Commercial cleaning will leave you with a hygienic, sparkling-clean environment – consider reaching out for your no-obligation quote today!

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