The Future of Clean

What does the future of clean have in store for facilities nationwide? When it comes to the national discussions around cleanliness and safety, our workplaces have been on the front lines. Knowing that keeping a healthy workplace is on everyone’s mind, is there anything we need to do to prepare for cleaning the office of the future? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the impending changes in the world of commercial cleaning and offer some tips on how to get ready for them. Read on to learn about future cleaning industry trends you can expect to see:

The Future of Clean Is Here

A Buildingstars technician cleans a table in an office. With Buildingstars comprehensive cleaning programs, your office will be healthy and safe.

The world was thrown into chaos when the COVID-19 outbreak began in 2020. It’s safe to say that no one could have predicted the meteoric rise in demand for commercial cleaning services, especially as it related to health and safety of workers! Fortunately though – many companies were able to pivot by hiring commercial cleaning services which helped their business stay afloat during this pandemic era while also keeping their employees happy. 

Now, commercial cleaning isn’t seen as only helping a company by making its workers happier and more productive; cleaning is seen as an essential part of a company’s safety policy. Workers are demanding that businesses make cleaning a first priority in this new future. Last month, CNBC reported that 66% of employees want better office cleaning practices before they are ready to return to work:

“To feel safe returning to their offices, employees are stressing the importance of adequate cleaning and disinfecting practices in the workplace. The vast majority of respondents, 89.9%, believe workplace cleaning protocols are very or somewhat important.”

Where does this leave office managers and small business owners? If you are considering implementing a professional cleaning program, or you aren’t sure if your current cleaning program is protecting your facility’s health, Buildingstars experts are ready to help. Let’s tackle the future of clean together! Simply click the button below to get started:

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The Office of the Future Will Be Digitized

A robot hand reaches out to touch a human hand. Buildingstars commercial cleaning is on the next frontier of comprehensive cleaning.

Imagine a world where your trash can talk to you. It knows when it’s full and starts telling people about its state through an app on their phone, for example! This is possible because of IoT – the Internet Of Things—which means when otherwise normal devices like trash cans and towel holders now are designed to connect through a network to interact and exchange information. 

In 2022, tech-forward products, especially IoT cleaning robots, will grow in capabilities and demand. A new commercial cleaning robot was just exhibited at CES last week, the Afra C1 by Pudu Robotics; but unlike previous robots, it is equipped for multiple cleaning functions at once! 

The Afra C1 and cleaning robots like it will see increased development focus in 2022, especially with the new expectations set for workplace health policies, also known as “the new normal,” in workplaces nationwide. As the average person continues to listen to expert guidance and recognizes that a thorough and regular cleaning program is the best way to maintain a healthy workspace, the push to automate will follow.

Robotics companies like Pudu seek to explore applications of digital technology in hygiene and sanitation services, but the robots they’ve developed are no match for the trained eye of a cleaning professional. Luckily, robotics are far from the only way the cleaning world is becoming more digitized. The information technology industry is booming, and commercial cleaning companies are no exception. A recent Gartner analysis shows that spending on this type of service grew by $9.5% in 2021 alone! Digital applications are becoming ubiquitous, even in cleaning. Developers and cleaning companies are teaming up worldwide to bring you a more connected, more hygienic future, and we can expect to see this trend accelerate in 2022!

Sustainability in the Future of Clean

In the era of social responsibility, people are paying more attention to what companies do than ever before, and sustainability has been a major focus of that movement. From millennials to boomers, Americans of every generation are demanding green solutions. When it comes to green cleaning services, Buildingstars offers a program that does more than just protect the environment – it also reduces your facility’s overall cost. Our Green Star Program uses tools like LED light bulbs and sustainable products, for an efficient clean without compromising quality of work or safety standards.

The market for environmentally-friendly products is booming, and the competition continues to bring in new businesses. As a result we will continue seeing companies shift towards greener practices which can lead not only healthier employees but also smaller environmental footprints! 

How Demand For Future Cleaning Will Affect Your Workplace

Buildingstars comprehensive cleaning is beyond compare.The impact of an increased demand for clean workplaces will mean that new technologies will be created to fill that demand. You may not see a robot vacuum around your facility anytime soon, because nothing can truly replace a trained eye when it comes to the cleaning nitty-gritty, but new tools for those cleaning teams including digital communications will only grow in number and influence. 

It is clear that a lot will change in the next few years as we continue to move towards automation, sustainability, and cleanliness. The office of the future will be empowered by more tools for green cleaning, cutting-edge sanitation products, and more. Let Buildingstars help you navigate this new world! We can provide you with science-based cleaning solutions from start-to-finish, so your business meets workers’ expectations while saving time and money at the same time. 

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Josh Gile