Eat Clean with Holiday Treats in the Office

BSI-Holiday-SnacksAs the holiday season approaches, in offices all across the country people will be bringing in some delicious homemade treats for everyone to enjoy. Chili cook-offs, cakes and cookies are just some of the events we are all looking forward to, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Yes, bringing in food is a wonderful treat for those you work with, but it can also lead to a situation of extra chances for germs to spread. So, while everyone wants to get their hands on the delicious goodies, here are some things to keep in mind to keep it nice and tidy in the office during the holiday baking season!

Make the right amount

While it may be tempting to go all out, try to make enough for everyone your treating but no more. When food is left over, people tend to not refrigerate properly, or even do communal eating with their forks only. Keep it organized and you can avoid this situation

Bring plates

Often we are so excited to bring in our offering that we forget the plates! The best for an office is paper plates and silverware so no one has to do extra dishes! However if your office has a kitchen make sure to do the dishes right when everyone is done. This will reduce the risk bacteria spread and the “I’m not doing that today” mindset that has been known to spring up in late afternoon.

Keep it contained

Try not to make anything that needs a lot of components that needs to be assembled at the office. Try to keep it contained to a single dish with your name on it to prevent mix ups and if leftovers in the fridge do become a thing, you know exactly who to tell to “take it home!”

Keep the fridge clean

Before hosting one of these treat days, make sure the fridge is clean and has plenty of room. Then, assign a day maybe a week after to clean it out again to make sure nothing is left and forgotten about until months later!

With all that said, we love holiday treats and are excited about the coming months! We specialize in all sorts of cleaning solutions and if you feel it would be a benefit this winter and in 2019, message us and we would love to talk with you!


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