3 Benefits of Having Dogs in the Office

Dog owners agree: it’s tough to be away from your dog for any amount of time. Luckily, businesses across America are becoming more pet-friendly to accommodate man’s best friend at the office!

If your office is opening up to canine consultants, here’s some advice that will help you make the most of it: 

Office Dogs Improve Employee Morale

Dogs in the workplace are great

Whether you’re a dog person or not, it’s hard to deny that dogs can be beneficial. Whether they help alleviate stress and anxiety in humans (and we all know how much our mental health matters), provide companionship when everyone around us seems alone; maybe even help us with a tough day… the office pup might just make work better! It’s been scientifically proven that dogs help humans create more hormones associated with a positive emotional state – so try petting a pup today for a pep-up!

Office Pets Encourage Workplace Bonding

Office pets are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, and for good reason. Studies have shown that having a dog in the office can  promote bonding between coworkers. In one study, employees who brought their dogs to work reported feeling more connected to their coworkers. Other research has shown that dogs can help to create a sense of community in the workplace and encourage employees to interact with each other. In addition, dogs can also help to increase productivity by providing a sense of calm and focus. So if you’re looking for ways to promote workplace bonding, consider allowing an office dog.

Accident Clean-Up: Don’t Stress the Mess!

Two commercial cleaners. If you're looking for a way to reduce your company's costs, one of the best things you can do is invest in professional cleaning. There are many reasons why this will help any organization be more efficient and profitable. The first reason is that it gives office managers more time to focus on other tasks like staff development or marketing initiatives. Second, when employees arrive at work feeling refreshed and ready to go they'll have less downtime due to presenteeism or absenteeism because their offices are clean which means there's no need for them stop what they're doing just so they can tidy up! We offer reliable cleaning services for businesses of all sizes - if interested contact us today!Of course, bringing an animal (even a domesticated one) into a professional workspace isn’t easy all of the time. To avoid property damage from “accidents” like dog poop or vomit, make sure you partner with a professional cleaning service. 

At Buildingstars, we create an 100% custom cleaning schedule for your business’ needs. Got an office dog? No problem – we know all the pet cleanup tricks to keep your building shining brighter. 

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Josh Gile