Dealing with a Shrinking Workplace 

Dealing-with-Shrinking-Workplace_1028x1028Businesses are downsizing their investment in physical spaces, and instead are opting to spend money on technology, employee salaries, and marketing efforts. The result? Smaller workstations, fewer private offices, and a whole new set of challenges for employees who need to acclimate to the shrinking space. 

Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with a smaller space without compromising your work: 

Use Efficient Desk Storage 

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you’ll need to maximize the use of every square inch. Store your supplies like pencils, pens, or folders vertically on top of your desk rather than horizontally in your drawers. Keep personal items like picture frames and coffee mugs to a minimum. Finally, explore stackable storage spaces, where you can build on more room as needed. 

Switch to Virtual Storage 

Even better than well-organized papers are no papers at all! You can migrate all kinds of office items to a virtual solution, like your calendar, post-it reminders, old versions of documents, signed contracts, and so much more. Not only will this free up valuable space in your office, but virtual storage is easier to organize and search through. Plus, it’s great for the environment! 

Prepare for Travel 

While personal offices are getting smaller and smaller, many businesses are switching to large common areas, work-from-home opportunities, and more collaborative type environments. This means you should always prepare to be on the move! Compact, easy-to-carry filing systems will allow you to set up shop wherever you go. Combine that with a high-quality, multi-pocketed bag or briefcase, and you’ll be ready to work from a space of any size! 

Even if individual office spaces may be shrinking, your common area will become a source of high-traffic. Make sure your facilities stay safe and clean with a free commercial cleaning services quote from Buildingstars.

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