Do Potential Employees Fall in Love with Your Company?

In the job interview process, potential employees tend to think all the power lies in the hands of the company, however, it’s just as true that potential employees must love the company right back.

While factors like benefits, pay, job description, and company culture all come into play, the environment of the office itself could make or break a potential employee’s decision to join the team.

Here are some simple ways to maximize your office space so prospective employees fall in love with your company:

Keep a clean office.

This may seem obvious, but remember that even small instances of clutter likely won’t go unnoticed. Empty boxes by the front desk, outdated magazines in the lobby, or dusty surfaces could all leave a bad impression on an interviewee. Try to look at the space with fresh eyes when cleaning to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Pay attention to detail.

There are many different ways to make a potential employee feel at home in your office – figure out which ones work for you! Whether it’s a jar of candy at the front desk, an electronic message board welcoming them by name, or even just a friendly offer of water or coffee when they arrive, it’s the details that they will remember when they leave the interview.

Create an interesting environment.

Brainstorm how your decor can align with your company’s culture or mission. No employee – prospective or otherwise – is excited or inspired by a dull grey sea of cubicles.

Make your workplace an attractive environment for prospective employees. Bring in pops of color and meaningful artwork to show them the culture they can expect when joining the team. Upgrade office chairs, add comfortable seating pieces in lobbies or waiting rooms, and highlight company values on walls throughout hallways – these investments may be small but will create a lasting impression that could ultimately make all difference with recruiting top talent!

Investing in employees who share the same core values as your business may be one of the best investments you make. Presentation and cleanliness are tangible signals that show a potential employee understands, respects and is ready to embody your culture – making sure they’ll fit in perfectly!

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