Commercial Cleaning: Always “Essential”

The COVID-19 pandemic changed workplace practices worldwide, with many altering their work schedule or going fully remote. Essential workers like commercial cleaners who work on-site didn’t have that option, and continued to go to work every day. As the Delta variant spreads and contagion looks to be again on the rise, commercial cleaners are on the front lines of our defense. The impact of the pandemic in 2021 hasn’t been ignored: 63% of small businesses recently surveyed believe the Delta variant will put the entire small business economy at greater risk.

The constant stress of an ongoing pandemic can take a toll on workplaces, and the hidden heroes who disinfect and sanitize our spaces are suddenly in the spotlight. Many businesses are even requesting the cleaners show up earlier in the day, because their visibility can calm anxieties about potential exposure.

The public demand for a higher standard for personal hygiene and safety in work spaces will not fade with this disease: commercial cleaning will forever be essential to the working world.

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The Future of Commercial Cleaning: an Essential Business

commercial cleaners essential, what are essential workers? Essential workers are those workers who are critical to infrastructure especially commercial activities. Buildingstars commercial cleaners are essential workers who service medical facility cleaning, office cleaning, building cleaning, facility cleaning.

According to the CDC, “essential workers” are those who conduct a range of operations and services in industries that are essential to ensure the continuity of critical functions in the United States. Commercial cleaners are designated essential workers because they provide necessary infrastructure support services by maintaining facilities such as offices, medical centers, and more. OSHA’s guide “Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace” even lists commercial cleaning as an essential preventative step:

“Many employers have established COVID-19 prevention programs that include a number of important steps to keep unvaccinated and otherwise at-risk workers safe, [including] measures such as enhanced cleaning programs with a focus on high-touch surfaces.”

In 2021, businesses need to use a comprehensive approach to prevent the spread of disease, including a quality cleaning program. A trustworthy commercial cleaning service can both alleviate worries about your facility’s cleaning program and defend against contagion.

Service Industry to Lead COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Essential workers went above and beyond during the pandemic. Commercial cleaners are some of the most important essential workers. The CDC defines essential workers as those who are essential to maintain critical infrastructure and continue critical services and functions. Commercial cleaning companies were designated essential because they provide support services to commercial facilities, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and more.

The pandemic slowed many businesses, but essential services such as commercial cleaning found their necessity a market advantage. While essential businesses were more likely to hire, boost salaries, and increase hours over the past year, Buildingstars went above and beyond. We instituted new safety practices across our business to keep our front lines safe, making sure our franchise owners were well-equipped to fight this new threat to sanitation.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic therefore provided new opportunities for growth for commercial cleaning franchises. OSHA’s new sanitation guidelines for business are expected to remain in place in the future. As businesses better understand the value of a dedicated commercial cleaning program, the cleaning industry will continue to see growth.

As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, Buildingstars not only has the opportunity to help communities economically recover, but to do it safely. As businesses re-open their locations to employees and customers, they are looking to commercial cleaning services to maintain the health and safety of their facilities. 

A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

At Buildingstars, we’ve been a professional cleaning partner for our customers since 1994. We’ve built trust with our customers as essential workers by providing consistent cleaning, constant communication, and value. We’ve understood for 26 years that cleaning is about more than appearance – it’s about health and safety.  

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Josh Gile