Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with 5 Tips for a Tidier Lifestyle 

Five Ways To Achieve A Tidier Lifestyle

There are lots of ways and reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. However, now that the festivities have passed, you’re going to need to tidy up! Celebrate the fifth of the month with these five ways to achieve a tidier lifestyle at home, in your business, or anywhere in your life: 

  1. Tidy quickly and consistently

It’s a simple concept yet elusive for many of us. By putting things away as soon as you’re doing using them, you ensure that a mountain of clutter doesn’t accumulate on your desk. Putting things away is easiest when you follow the next guideline… 

  1. Determine everything’s ‘home’

Ensure that everything has a designated space. It’s so much easier to both locate and return items when you know exactly where to find them. Invest in bins, organizers, and other tools for both your home and office, and be diligent in providing all items their own space.  

  1. Purge often

It’s difficult to stay tidy when there are too many items to begin with – whether that’s highlighters, paper clips, or even important (but already reviewed) documents. Consider scheduling a weekly or monthly Discard Day on which you take time to purge unnecessary items. By scheduling specific time to do so, and keeping it consistent, you’ll be less likely to “forget to throw things away. Consider donating and recycling as often as possible! 

  1. Consider digital storage

There are so many ways to store documents, notes, and reminders digitally! Check out those methods to seriously reduce the number of paper scraps, Post-It notes, and scrawls on the backs of documents or folders. Removing these physical items will reduce clutter, and digital storage will increase productivity. Win-win! 

  1. End with a clean slate

For a truly tidy lifestyle, be sure to clean your desk at the end of each day. Setting aside even five minutes to tidy before going home – or, at home setting a timer for a few minutes to clean – will set you up for success the next day. There’s nothing better than a clean slate or a clean desk!  

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