Beat The Heat

Beat-the-heat_1028x1028How to Prep Your Office for the Summer

Summer is the best time of year when it comes to picnics, hiking, and trips to the beach. But balancing the warm weather with business professional attire? Not as good of a match!

Relief from the office heat can be possible (and eco-friendly!) with a couple quick tricks:

  1. Check the HVAC  
    An office with still, hot air gets miserable pretty fast. Make sure to schedule your bi-annual HVAC checkin early in the season to avoid any unpleasant down time. Your HVAC professional can read the machine as soon as it hits around 60 degrees, so check the weather proactively and don’t get stuck at the bottom of the waiting list.

  2. Worry about Windows 
    Even if your building’s air conditioning is up and running, the office will quickly become warm if air escapes through faulty windows. Check to be sure each window is sealed tight before the heat of the day to make sure air stays where it belongs – inside. If you do have members of your team in the office through the evening (when it’s significantly cooler out), they may consider opening windows to let a breeze in. This could help keep your office cool in an eco-friendly way – just remember to close them back up in the morning.
  3. Watch for Too Much Light 
    Often, the biggest culprit of an overly warm office is direct access to light, be it sunlight or artificial. Prevent rays from streaming in by keeping blinds closed, and turn off unnecessary lights throughout the day. These changes may seem small, but can add up to a much more comfortable environment over time!
  4. Take Care of Your Tech 
    Office technology like laptops, copiers, and desktop computers are especially vulnerable to the heat. Utilize tools like laptop cooling stands and be sure to closely watch for signs your machine is overheating. If you hear fans working in overdrive, consider closing out of certain high-demand programs or even powering down your machine for a few minutes to give it time to cool down.

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