5 Germy Hotspots Most People Miss

We all know that sickness can spread through an office at lightning speed. Lots of people in close quarters using the same bathrooms and sharing computer equipment means that germs are going from person to person, quickly making their way around your workplace.

The key aspect here is not just cleaning up after yourself – it’s knowing how to combat germs where they live. Our experts break down which surfaces are highest risk, so you can have a cleaner office without worrying about getting sick!


Yeah, your desktop is germ central. About 400 times more than a toilet seat–that’s 21k bacteria and viruses per square inch! The little guys travel most often on our hands as we touch things around the office. To make sure your desktop surface can be properly and thoroughly cleaned by your janitorial staff, make sure to tidy up before leaving every night. Ten minutes of work clearing away those old proposals and junk mail could make a world of difference for your office’s health, as your cleaning team will then be able to access every corner where germs could hide. 

Elevator Buttons

When you’re waiting for the elevator, do people usually press more than just one button? What about the buttons inside the elevator? You might be surprised at how many people actually seem to believe pressing the button multiple times speeds up the lift mechanism! 

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Door Handles

Researchers applied samples of a virus to surfaces such as doorknobs and tabletops and found that, within two to four hours, the virus had been picked up by 40 to 60 percent of workers and visitors in the facilities and could be detected on many commonly touched objects.We touch door handles without a second thought every day, but do you know how many germs are on them? We shouldn’t ignore the germs that hide on interior office doorknobs, but luckily there’s an easy solution. In addition to regular hand-washing around the office, your office should wipe down and sanitize doorknobs as part of a regular cleaning program. 

Microwave Doors

Who knew that the handle of your office microwave could be so dirty? It’s probably because the whole office uses it every day, and nobody has time to clean the interior and exterior of the appliance. A recent study found high levels of bacteria linked with living organisms on about half of tested food surfaces in a large workplace setting – but that’s why we rely on regular cleaning and disinfecting to keep our offices safe. 

Cleaning the microwave mess is like taking care of an infection – it’s not going away anytime soon and may even spread further if left unchecked! 

Faucet Handles

When you’re in the office, it’s not just your desk space that needs cleanliness. The bathroom and kitchen sinks in your office are a germy nightmare, and the largest culprit is the faucet handle. Many people washing their hands touch this office fixture before their hands are clean, meaning the germs and bacteria can stay and multiply. Even those with the best of intentions – frequent hand-washers –  can unknowingly spread germs through the faucet handles. 

Buildingstars Can Protect Your Facility from Germs

Comprehensive commerical cleaning from buildingstars can protect your facility from germs.Facilities managers can reduce the spread of disease in the office by targeting these top five hotspots for germs in the workplace. However, the cleaning doesn’t stop there! Every nook, cranny, and corner in your office could potentially be harboring harmful bacteria, viruses, and molds.

The impact of a comprehensive commercial cleaning program in your office cannot be ignored. It is clear that more people than ever are concerned about germs and illness spread in their workplaces, and it has never been a better time to put your facility’s health first. 

Let Buildingstars help you shine brighter! We can provide you with science-based cleaning solutions from start-to-finish, so you can be confident in the complete clean of your business. 

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Josh Gile